I'm a first-generation American living a very typical first-generation American life in the Midwest.

That is to say: I'm tenacious.

As a Creative Director, I spend my days (and often my nights) solving business problems for clients who run everything from coffee companies to cosmetics brands. I see myself as the link between art and their bottom line. And it's my passion to incite results - as nimbly as possible, come hell or high water.

Which is why I've developed a knack for Experiential and Social campaigns. And why I pour my heart into challenger brands.

So... I've been fortunate enough to work with some phenomenally smart people and earn awards; my fiction has been published; I co-directed a documentary. Even so, my Peruvian parents wish I'd just move closer to home.


There's nothing I'd rather do than change the world from the ad industry right here in Minnesota. So I've kept at it, now for 16 years. And when it's cold – which is often here – I simply fire up the skillet, make my mother's arroz tapado and tell the day to watch the fuck out.

Contact me 
IG: @abullyforyou and @cakeseeksfrosting

A peek at my life via instagram

A lady can't create alone. Here are some of my collaborators and co-conspirators. You should check them out.

ELYSE ASH, copywriter
ANDREW BECKMAN, designer at space150
VINCE BEGGIN, freelance creative director
JENNIFER BERG, account sup at Olson
TIM BLEVINS, copywriter at mono
LAUREN BUCKLEY, strategy director at PMH
MIKE FETROW, ecd and mentor
KARI HELLING, account director
EVA KOLENKO, photographer
JENNIFER LANGE, strategist at Droga5
KATIE MILLER, social media strategist
JOHN NEERLAND, gcd/cw at C+M
KATY RAMME, account director
DENNIS RYAN, cco and mentor
STEPHANIE SCHAFER, account director at mono
APRIL SWINSON, freelance copywriter
EMILY TAYLOR, art director at mono
EMALIE WICHMANN, copywriter at Haberman
LINDSEY WRIGHT, freelance designer