CityTarget was about to open its first store in Portland. To win over its fiercely indie (read: big-box-hating) residents, we recommended against running the national store opening campaign and instead enlisted local muralists Rather Severe to help create the artsy city's next mural: a crowd-sourced one.

To see the project, watch the video below or keep scrolling.

Using Instagram, out-of-home boards and a mobile site, we asked city residents to share photos of what they love most about their hometown. Proud PDXers flooded us with pictures of everything from cats
to coffee cups... And we turned all of those into a work of art, painted 
live inside the windows
of the new store.

The local reception was great, with people flocking to the store and even posting thanks on Target’s facebook page. And most important, we avoided the protests that prevented Walmart from coming to town.