Perhaps because I remember a time when I was one of two female creatives working at the agency, or because my bosses have always championed me, or because I was married to a man who took care of our kids so that I could focus on my career– 
I find it important to mentor and support women in advertising. And to do it from a positive POV.

Anyway, here's some lady-related miscellany.

An infographic I made on a whim, about the gratuitous use of girlyparts in ads. It was picked up by Jezebel, where it received more than 20,000 views in one day.

My favorite spec ad ever, for the Playtex Seamless Bra.

ADnonymous. This was a series of posters I anonymously placed inside the bathroom stall each week, to inspire and elicit conversation among the women of the creative department. Going to pee has never been so fascinating for me.